Nielsen to evolve local TV ratings

As how we consume television keeps changing it is encouraging to see Neilsen update their studies to account for more second screen opportunities. It will be very interesting to see how the new data compares to the current surveys… and if the stations agree to this new currency

H/T to Mediapost for the article

Nielsen To Overhaul Local Metrics In 4Q

Nielsen’s overhaul of its local measurement service with set-top-box (STB) data and a new code reader will begin rolling out late this year in the Charlotte, Dallas and St. Louis markets. The new data will be available alongside the current ratings in early 2013, allowing stations an opportunity to evaluate it before a switchover.

Station groups with a presence in the three initial markets — including NBCUniversal, Belo, Cox and Gannett — will be able to both explore the data’s reliability and ways to integrate it into their workflow systems over a period that could run six months. The three launch markets currently get ratings via local people meters (LPMs). Contine reading